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Veteran Tribute at the Reunion Celebration Dinner

Hi all,
I want to join in the chorus of THANKS to the planning team that put together the great reunion. It was first class all the way. 

Thanks also to all of you who offered such kind words about the Military/Veteran Tribute. It was truly an honor to participate, however, the honor - as you all know belongs to our servicemen and women and their families.

Actually, the idea was in my heart for some time but I had no idea what to do with it. Then Jerry Laffey shared a Tribute experience he had at Disneyland. Meanwhile Doris Dobson had posted some information and pictures of our fallen soldiers. So, I reached out to each of them to see what they thought about presenting 'something' at our reunion - still not knowing what it may look like. They were both encouraging and although Doris is so far away, she volunteered to do whatever she could to help out. 
So, from there I contacted the American Legion in Orange County and was directed to:
Brian Fleming Jr., Veteran USMC, Honor Guard Commander, American Legion Post 291 and he quickly responded to me in both emails and by phone. He was so encouraging. At that point I contacted Paula and the planning team gave the go-ahead.

Please know that our biggest THANKS goes to (besides our veterans) to these men:
Honor Guard Commander Brian Fleming Jr. who coordinated their team
The team members that presented the colors at our event were:
Dennis De Rosia - Commanding; Don Putzig, Carmen Williams and Ken George.

As we spoke after the ceremony, they shared how impressed they were at how many servicemen were represented in our class and what an honor it was for them to participate. Certainly the blessings and praise went both ways.

I would be remiss if I did not make you aware that the American Legion did not charge for this. The team members donate their time and resources to serve our servicemen and women. However, contributions are certainly appreciated to help with replacement of uniforms, flags, etc. No money is given to any persons, only the organization. 

I know that Paula has (or will) send a contribution from our class but if anyone wants to contribute directly, the information is as follows:
Send check made out to: 
American Legion Post 291 (put COLOR GUARD in the memo section of your check)
Atten: Brian Fleming Jr.
215 E. 15th St.
Newport Beach, CA 92663
According to the IRS, contributions to the American Legion are tax deductible.
And....any thank you notes can be sent to same place and I'm sure would be appreciated.

Well, that's my 'essay, book report, and follow up! Whew, that was like being back at school!!!

Happy Trails everyone and it was fun to be together and I'm loving looking through the pictures. BUT....ya gotta put names on them!! I'm still trying to figure out who is who......
Andrea Mehr (Gray)




Some of you have asked about the new website look.  In case you haven't noticed yet (like "sometheing's different but I can't figure out what it is??"), our website's appearance has changed a little.  Everything that was previously there is still there but just in a few different places  All of the "Member Functions"  -- i.e., logging in, editing profile, changing password, etc., are now in the the upper right side of your screen under the "person" icon.  Click on the person icon, and you'll then get a dropdown menu with the various functions. The main reason for changing our website's appearance is to make it more compatible and easier to view if you looking at it from your IPad, IPhone, Tablet, etc.   

Although at first it may take a little time to get used to it, I think you'll end up liking it as the format makes it a little more reader friendly  

Paula Pletcher DiLuigi


Looking for Videos from the Reunion......

If anyone has any video clips from any of our Reunion Events that they could send to me, it would be greatly appreciated.   I know it's tricky to share videos because the files are usually so large, but if you can convert it to an MP4 format and/or share through Google+, Youtube or Vimeo, I can then post it to the Reunion celebration pages.  

Please email me at ylmom@roadrunner.com if you think you might have something you can send me.


Paula Pletcher Diluigi 



I’m still coming down from the excitement of this past weekend!!   It’s been a year-long journey since I “volunteered” to be the Chair of the Reunion Committee (I was unanimously elected – oh yeah, there were no other candidates so I won by a landslide!).  There were a few moments (well maybe more than a few) when I thought with all the time I was putting into it, was it going to be worth it?  Now I can say unequivocally, YES, it WAS absolutely worth everything I put into it, and I am grateful that I had the time and energy to take on the task. 

There are several key people I want to acknowledge for their contributions to the success of this past weekend:

My Reunion Committee:  Barbara (Hizar) Addington (Treasurer), Thomasine (Engisch) Mariola (door prize coordinator), Linda (Vanpool) Wright (website); Libby (Dailey) Heise (Decorations), Melody (Rains) and John Vaught (coordinating the SAV Tour, Lunch, Original Mike’s, and Sunday brunch); and lastly, Al Martinez (our Saturday night emcee)

Andrea Mehr Grey:  Saturday night Veteran Tribute.   This was amazing and would not have happened without Andrea coming up with the concept and stepping up to coordinate it.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Jerry Laffey and his band, “OCD”, and Joe Daigle and his band, “Private Property,” for performing gratis at the Friday night event at Original Mike’s.   The evening would have not have been the success that it was without their talents and generosity and are most appreciated by everyone! 

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and expressions of appreciation.  For those of you who were unable to make this Reunion, we missed you and sincerely hope you’ll be to make the next one!!  And for those of you who came to any or all of the events, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

With deep appreciation,

Paula (Pletcher) DiLuigi



Ken Cachat, you may have heard, is sick. Gotta go a long way to find a nicer guy. I urge any and all friends to post a message to Ken - and it wouldn't hurt to do the same for Renee (Cheseborough), who for sure is having it just as rough as Ken. Ken and Renee (like John and Melody and other enduring couples) have been an inspiration for their loving devotion to each other.




Just heard from Ron Castro that his PET scan results came back with great news that he is responding very well to his treatment!  

He's going to beat this....He knows it and we all know it too!  Keep it up, Ron!  We're all here with love and support for you and Michelle!!



I've just added two new links --  "50th Reunion Photos" and "Our Reunion Celebration Video" that you will see on the left side of your screen.  

Anyone who adds photos in the photo gallery under the gallery folder "Celebrating our 50th" will automatically see their photos appear in the "50th Reunion Photos" as well.  

"Our Reunion Celebration Video" is the video slideshow that was shown on Saturday night.  I would have loved to have more photos of classmates.  Unfortunately, not everyone provided photos so this was all I had available to me. 

The DVD with photos taken at the Reunion will be sent out later after we get the photos back from our Photographer and we can compile them.  Hopefully, it shouldn't be too long before you'll receive it

Thanks for your patience,

Paula (Pletcher) DiLuigi




A note from David "Dusty" Cupples

Coolest dude award - Larry Fulcher - unanimous, sez me
close second - Mike Rodevich, only guy I saw with a pony tail - though there were some great beards! David Weaver, Chuck Tippie take your bows. what other virile hirsute characters were there? don't be shy now - be proud of your face bush guys!


From David "Dusty' Cupples

anybody who missed out on getting a copy of your '66 SAVHS classmate's (yours truly) book Stir It Up about Bob Marley and CIA shenanigans in Jamaica in the crucial year 1976 - easy enough to order from me direct (signed copies) or via Amazon (print or ebook). to discover more about Bob and the historical backdrop of his life and times, and reggae of course, follow me on FB https://www.facebook.com/StirItUpCIAJamaica/ - find me on any social media by searching Stir It Up CIA (or add my name to be sure).
ps.  I badly need viewer reviews on major sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc. many thanks



To the entire organizing committee:

Thank you all for putting together such a memorial experience. It was a great weekend, and seeing all my school friends made it even more special.

All of your hard work was evident and much appreciated. See you all at the next reunion.

Chuck Varela


From Julie Gaylord Galkin

Hi Paula and reunion committee. Thank you so much for all the work and time you put into making the reunion a really fun, eventful and reconnecting evening for all that attended. I personally had a fun time seeing old classmates (no pun intended) and catching up on 50 years. The food was great and the the venue was really nice. The best part of the evening was the color guard and the honor and respect that was shown for all our classmates that had their lives end too soon while serving for our freedom. It was a beautiful and emotional moment in the evening. Thank you again for a memorable and fun evening. Julie (Gaylord) Galkin.


A letter from Steve Faulkner....

We were the children of the 1950's, came of age in the difficult 1960's.  What a time to come along and be a part of the SAV Class of 1966!  I would like to personally thank Paula (Pletcher) DiLuigi and the Team for putting this Reunion together.  Really GREAT job!!

In viewing the SAV66 website containing all the history from now to then, I couldn't help to feel emotional for many reasons, especially for those that have gone on before us.  Be it from war, health issues, and other tragic events, I realize how fortunate I am to still be here with all these memories to ponder.

I especially feel fortunate and honored to have been at SAV at this place in time with such a diverse and great group of people.  We thought we could make the world a better place and that is just what we did even though change often comes far too slowly. 

Best of luck in the future for everyone....

With love, Steve Faulkner


Welcome to the SAV Class of 1966 Website!

This website is ONLY for the classmates of the SAV Class of 1966.  It started in January 2016 with the primary goal of getting everyone to reconnect, reminisce and just be friendly and supportive to each other as well as to let everyone know about the 50th Reunion that was held in September 2016.  Even though now our 50th Reunion Celebration has ended, we hope everyone, whether they attended the reunion or not, will continue to enjoy staying connected on this website.  

If you are a SAV 1966 classmate, just go to the sign in box and click on “Join.”  The next page that pops up with be a complete list of 1966 classmates.  Find your name and click on it, and the program will then guide you through the rest of the registering process.  There are no individual subscription fees to join, and the website is totally private and secure.   You can share as much or as little information about yourself as you wish.  We encourage all SAV 1966 Classmates to join.

"Finding a lost friend is like finding a lost treasure"

Help Us Find Missing Classmates

If you have any information about any missing classmates, please let us know by messaging Paula Pletcher DiLuigi with whatever information you might have about the classmate (last phone, email, sibling or family member's name, etc).  Click on "Missing Classmates" on the left side of the screen to see a complete list. 

Any and all clues are accepted and appreciated!

Please also let any 1966 classmate know that they can go directly to the website, www.66savalleyfalcons.com to register.  

Quotes we can all relate to

 50 years.  How Time Flys!  In my heart I am still 19, but the body says different?  (submitted by Paul King)


You are Only as Old as you feel.  Still searching the world for the perfect Martini!  (submitted by Steve Trustlow)


In the End, it is not the years in your life that counts, it's the life in your years  - Abraham Lincoln


Every Morning when I wake up, I say I'll never be as young as I am today.  Today is the youngest day of the rest of my life.  Get up and do something fun! -- Rochelle Ford, 78 year old metal sculptor



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